Weird Movie Facts

Sly’s Dog

Everyone goes through hard times, and for Sylvester Stallone that is no exception. However, even though most of us go through financial hardships at some point in our life, would we sell our dog if we had to make ends meet? I certainly wouldn’t!

All judgments aside, when Stallone and his wife moved from New York to Hollywood with his bull-mastiff, Butkus, in the 1970s, he had no choice but to sell his dog to a family so he could stay afloat.

Thankfully later after he made it big with Rocky, he was able to convince the family to give him his dog back. However, the dog didn’t come free. He had to buy back the dog he once sold! Also, it should also be mentioned that Stallone wanted his dog to be famous like him by starring in some movies. Isn’t that sweet?

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Bald Bond

We hate to break it to you, but in James Bond, at least in the films starring Sean Connery anyway, he doesn’t really have all that hair. We don’t know for sure if Connery was bald even back then, but we do know that the hair on his head at the time wasn’t real because he was spotted wearing a toupée!

Hey, we can’t all have incredible locks while we’re starring in a film, and we don’t fault Sean Connery for having to wear a toupée during the James Bond franchise. We happen to love him in his role and don’t mind one bit that that hair wasn’t real.

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