Worst Blunders in Big-Budget Blockbusters

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Mistakes happen! Block-buster movies require an incredible amount of work and organization involving hundreds, or often, thousands of people to produce and tight deadlines are bound to create opportunities for errors.

Creating movie magic also involves lots of different creative people from various disciplines working together. From writing and pre-production through set-, prop-, and costume-design, shooting, special effects and editing, it’s pretty common for hundreds of individuals to be involved even with individual movie scenes. So despite all the care and attention in the world, it’s still possible for mistakes to sneak in and make it all the way to the final projection in the cinema.

Even after you see this list of incredible mistakes that went unnoticed and unfixed until it was too late it’s probably surprising that these kinds of big-budget blockbuster blunders don’t appear move often! On the other hand, many moviegoers probably never notice these mistakes on first viewing, even when they seem obvious after someone points them out. Don’t let our list ruin your movie-watching experience. Just remember that directors and editors are humans, too.

So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy this list of some amazing errors that made it past the directors, the cameramen, the editors and all the people at the studio before they were shown on the silver screen!



The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring


Fans of Peter Jackson’s first epic fantasy film trilogy know the incredible level of detail and hard work that went into the movie and its follow-ups, but despite all that care and attention, somehow a modern automobile made it into the final cut! While most moviegoers were paying attention to Sam and Frodo’s conversation as they walk through the cornfield in the foreground, a few may have spotted a car driving by, leaving a trail of dust far in the background.

Fortunately, the film has so many breathtaking scenes more memorable than this one that even the few people who noticed the car remember it afterward.

Live-action movies with complex on-location shots definitely present some challenges, but you’d think in the controlled environment of animation studios there would be less chance of errors creeping in. As you’ll see on the next page, even in cartoon movies, there are some kinds of errors that are unavoidable: