Weird Movie Facts

Struck by Lightning

Actors know when they sign up for a film that things can go wrong or they could get hurt, but sometimes they don’t realize what crazy things could happen. Let me give you a scary example. In The Passion of the Christ, which stars actor Jim Caviezel as Jesus, there were a series of scenes with him being suspended on the cross.

You would think he would have gotten hurt by falling off the cross, but it turns out the weather was what put him at risk! During rehearsal he actually got struck by lightning while on the cross! He was okay, but that must have been a terrifying moment.

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Let’s Shed Some Weight

After a study was done at England’s University of Westminster, experts discovered something very fascinating: Watching horror films can actually help people lose weight! If you think about it it all makes perfect sense. While watching a horror film we most likely are in a state of panic, feel jumpy anticipating the next scene, sometimes breathe heavily, and even scream! All of this fear and adrenaline rushing through our veins results in an increased heart rate and guess what? That causes a body to burn calories and thus, weight. Pretty sweet, right? Perhaps we should forgo the gym and watch a horror film instead. Sounds good to me!

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