Weird Movie Facts

An Unexpected Zombie Extra

Comedy-horror films sure are fun to watch, especially if they have to do with zombies! In the film Shaun of the Dead, there were a ton of zombie extras because, of course, in order to have a zombie film you have to have hordes of zombies! In the film, zombies take over a small town and you may or may not guess who one of the zombie extras was.

If you guessed an actor from The Walking Dead then I’m afraid you’re wrong. You’re never going to believe this, but one zombie, in particular, was none other than singer Chris Martin from Coldplay! Who would have thought?!

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Harry Potter Freak Accident

Whether or not an actor has stuntmen to do stunts for them doesn’t take away from the risks for both to the actor and stuntman while filming dangerous scenes. An actor can get injured and a trained stuntman who looks danger in the face and gets the job done can still have things go wrong too. That’s what happened when Daniel Radcliffe’s double, David Holmes, did a risky scene during the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Unfortunately, David Holmes fractured his neck while performing one of the stunts and is now in a wheelchair. Despite the accident, both Daniel and David are still good friends today.

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