Weird Movie Facts

Weird Movie Ban

This might seem very strange, but did you know that the Chinese government has movie bans? We’re not talking certain films (though, they may have that too), but they have bans on films that contain certain ideas. In particular, China has banned any film that contains aspects of time travel.

That’s right, if anything hints at or shows historical events being altered you can kiss that film goodbye. They believe it’s far too dangerous to be shown on screen!

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Cheating on Special Effects

Back in 1982 the film Tron was one of the first films to incorporate computer graphics, and it was pretty cool. However, in the 80’s using computer graphics in films was considered cheating, so the Academy Awards blocked the movie from special effects consideration. That doesn’t seem very fair, but hey, today we still love the film Tron despite their supposed cheating ways!

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