Weird Movie Facts

An Oscar and a Few Extras

I’m sure it’s an incredible feeling for a filmmaker to receive an Oscar, especially after working tirelessly on a film they wanted to succeed. When they went up on stage and got handed an Oscar it was no doubt a dream come true! Well, how would you feel if you got up on stage and accepted not just one Oscar but several other Oscars to boot? You’d feel pretty special, right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened when the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs won in 1939. A filmmaker received an Oscar plus seven more! The seven additional Oscars were given to the filmmaker to represent the dwarfs, of course.

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Spaceman From Pluto

We can’t imagine the famous film franchise Back to the Future having another name that was originally picked out, but it did have another film name in the running and we’re so glad Back to the Future was chosen instead. Want to know what the other name of the movie was considered? Spaceman From Pluto! What?! That doesn’t seem to make sense and certainly wouldn’t have done this fun space traveling film starring Michael J. Fox justice. We can sigh with relief knowing that this film ended up with a much more suitable name.

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