Uncovered: Hitler’s Secret Bunker in France

  • Hitler's Bunker

The Secret Location

After taking photos of the bunker, the photographer hoped to show off his findings to the world. He uploaded photographs of the complex on Facebook, but people were curious as to where the bunker was located.

Askat actually had a very good reason for keeping the location a secret: He didn’t want to keep the location to himself, but rather he was protecting a secret that was very important. It happens that the structure surrounding the bunker was still in use, but the reason for its use today had changed a lot since Hitler occupied it.

A Glimpse Into the Past

The bunker Askat came across was an underground stronghold for Hitler and Nazi forces, but today is a training site for the French Foreign Legion.

The photographer knew how important it was to keep the location a secret, even though he wanted to publicly share where the bunker is located. Even without knowing the exact location, the photographer’s photos still offer a glimpse into history. Today these photos continue to remind us just how important this dark passage of history is and to never allow something like this ever happen again.