Unsolved Mysteries That Still Haunt Us

In every era, we make new technical discoveries about how things work. But no matter how advanced our understanding of the universe or Earth, physics or biology becomes, some mysteries remain unexplained. Some of these mysteries may never be solved because they are buried in the distant past, while others may just need the right clue to fall into place.

It’s natural that many of the unsolved mysteries collected in this article have a disturbing effect; some of them deal with murder or heart-wrenching human disapearances, but that is natural. What makes these strange incidents compelling may also be what makes them unsettling: the fact that, no matter how advanced our science, there may always be some solutions that are unknowable.

Take, for example, our first unsolved mystery, that of a man discovered, dead, on a beach. In this case, there were clues, but most of them only lead to more questions!

Sit back and enjoy the strange story of…

The Somerton Man

This must be among the weirder unsolved mysteries on our list! In this case, it’s not a disappearance, but actually the mysterious details and clues found after a man’s discovery that make the story so strange and compelling. The body of a man was found on Somerton Beach in Australia with only gum, comb, and odd things like that on his person. One of the strange items he had was a small piece of paper that said Tamam Shud, which translates to “finished” in Persian, and unfortunately, the phrase described his condition!

After the discovery of the mysterious body on the coast of Australia, a man found the book that the piece of paper with the phrase had been ripped from. There were also random letters with a strange pattern of capitalization that no one could make heads or tails of. Where the book originally came from is a mystery, and so is the man who died. Someone left flowers on his grave, but no one knows who did that, either.

Interestingly enough, there was a woman who claimed that her mother and Tamad Shud were spies, but there was no proof to her story. The letters the mysterious man capitalized seemed to be a cypher, but nobody who has examined them has been able to solve it. The code, like his sudden death and supposed murder, remain unsolved.

Next on our list is the peculiar case of a multiple disappearance, never resolved. Three men were lost without a trace in a very unusual place…

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