Why be thankful for an earthquake?

Why be thankful for an earthquake? What a question to even ask…!

The ground shakes and quakes beneath the feet, ceiling lights and fans sway, walls crack and windows rattle and break… and worse. They rattle people’s nerves too. Plus, sadly, properties may be destroyed, injuries (or death) may result too. So how on earth (no pun implied) is there ever a reason to be thankful for an earthquake?

There is one explanation…

Well, when it brings water back to a part of drought-stricken California, residents of a couple of the counties there welcome it. Officials note however, that when this has occurred after previous earthquakes, the refreshing water (even the sound of it…) lasts only a few weeks.

That’s what happened recently after the August 24th earthquake that hit Napa County California.


So wouldn’t that be a blessing in disguise? Maybe it all depends on how the earthquake affected you in the first place, but there it is, an area in the middle of a drought that is hard-pressed for flowing water, where totally out of the blue, water starts to flow again!

It’s all reported in detail at the local Press Democrat website in the 4-page article “Napa quake jumpstarts stream flows, though probably only temporarily” (by Guy Kovner) where you can order an actual reprint of the article.



Photo by David Welch (CC license) via Good News Network
Article snipit from The Press Democrat