Phenomenal Uses for WD-40 That Confirm its Unbelievable Versatility

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Handy WD-40 is something most people have in the home, but it’s often used for just one or two specific tasks and then forgotten in a cupboard. Today we’ll show some little-known uses for WD-40. If you don’t have some WD-40  then you’re about to discover why so many people think it’s a necessity to have not only one but several bottles of this multi-purpose spray at home. It’s that useful and versatile!

What’s nice is that there are several different sizes available to purchase, so it’s easy to have one in your home, car, or even in a backpack if you tend to be on the road a lot. Plus, for bugging out it’s a necessity. Just trust me on this. It’s ideal to easily access this spray so that in a pinch you can use it to get a survival task done more quickly.

If you’re not that familiar with WD-40, it’s a multi-purpose lubricant that reduces friction, removes grime and grease, protects metal from corrosion, and that’s not all. After you learn more about all of the uses that WD-40 provides we guarantee it’s going to become your new best friend.

Keep reading to unmask the many, many uses for WD-40. It’s rather impressive everything that WD-40 can help you accomplish!

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walking shoes coated in mud

Weatherproofing Clothing

WD-40 is ideal for weatherproofing your clothing. For example, if you have a pair of shoes you would like to last while spending time out in the wild WD-40 can do the trick by making them last longer. WD-40 acts as a barrier so that water won’t get through the material. This is nice if you’re going to be at a location where it rains a lot or in or around snow.

Use this multi-purpose lubricant to also remove salt stains from your shoes and boots during the winter. All you have to do is spray WD-40 on the stains and afterward wipe the stains with a rag. If all goes well your shoes will look just like new!

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