Stranger’s Voice Comes Across the Baby Monitor


File this news brief under “the Ugly” because of the unsettling nature and intrusion made while a nanny was changing a baby’s diaper.

Ashley Stanley, the nanny, and little 1-year-old Samantha were being watched and listened-in on unknowningly. Then a stranger’s voice came across the baby monitor:

“That’s a really poopy diaper,” it said.

At first, Stanley thought maybe it was the baby’s parent’s pranking her. Her story continues:

“I was kind of really freaked out like maybe someone hacked into the camera. He said something else like ‘you should probably password protect your camera,’” she explains.

It was no prank. The baby monitor was hacked!

So, this is one you really should get the complete story on, available in the original sourced article, “Nanny Freaks as Baby Monitor Is Hacked” via Yahoo Parenting.




News to Share brief source: “Nanny Freaks as Baby Monitor Is Hacked” by Rachel Bertsche for Yahoo Parenting

Image (license CC0 Public Domain) by peridotmaize via Pixaby