Loony Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to Be True

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Some of the craziest-sounding conspiracy theories reveal uncomfortable truths…

The Strange Stuff at Area 51

Alien Autopsy

UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists speculated for decades that the United States government maintained a secret compound somewhere in the Nevada desert, where captured alien technology was tested, examined, and reverse-engineered to produce advanced flight technology.

While no evidence of alien technology has so far been revealed, C.I.A. responses to Freedom of Information Act requests have shown that a clandestine air base was established in an area of Nevada desert wasteland known as Area 51. President Dwight Eisenhower approved the use of the region as a test site and training range for the Atomic Energy Commission, so it’s no surprise that civilian reports of unidentified flying objects in the area increased!

The speculation about exotic flight technology tested at Area 51 is true; the U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird spy planes were flown there, but as for alien aircraft, the jury – and the evidence – is still out.

There may not yet be public proof of the government tinkering with extra-terrestrial technology at Area 51, but there is definite evidence of the C.I.A. tinkering with the minds of American citizens, as we’ll see next.

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Government Mind-Control

Mind Control

In the early 1950s the Central Intelligence Agency launched a project to probe many different methods of human behavior modification! The project, code named MK-ULTRA, was motivated by the pressures of the cold war and unrestrained by ethical management. The C.I.A. tested different means of mind control on human subjects for years.

Psychological tests included administering hypnosis, shock therapy, interrogation methods and chemical hallucinogens on human subjects in the hope of finding useful means to secretly control behavior. An undetectable substance, such as L.S.D., they believed, could be turned into a truth serum.

The first experiments were conducted on willing volunteers, but soon, even that line was crossed and L.S.D. was administered to hundreds of unwitting members of the public. Prisoners, mental patients, foreign nationals, and American citizens all became test subjects in these experiments without their knowledge or consent. The test subjects were observed by the C.I.A. team and their observations were recorded for study.

The project was eventually terminated and the records were mostly destroyed by 1973, so the full extent of these tests may never be known. In 1977 some surviving documents were discovered and revealed to the public, but by then the era of secret, wanton mind-control testing on the public was over.

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