Inexpensive Items That’ll Become Priceless After a Major Disaster

To make sure to prepare for a collapse, or just everyday trouble. Stock up on these inexpensive, but important supplies.

Every day we take things for granted from toilet paper to flashlights. We flip on the lights without a care in the world and we pull on those socks, knowing we have at least ten more pairs in the drawer. But what if something happened and we no longer had access to our necessities or we didn’t have enough of these supplies?

If you take the time to think about it, common supplies may be worth their weight in gold after a major collapse happens and people are struggling to find the supplies they need to survive. Even if your home is intact after a disaster, your supplies will eventually run out. With stores being bought out, looted, and planes no longer landing in your area, getting the supplies you need will be next to impossible.

Just in case you and your family get stuck at home for potentially weeks or more, it’s imperative you have the supplies you need not only for survival but for comfort as well! Eventually neighbors may show up asking for supplies and at first, you may give them a few things, but after a while, it’ll be important to stockpile the supplies you have to ensure your survival.

To make sure you’re all set for a collapse, stock up on these inexpensive, but important supplies. After a disaster, it’ll be very likely these supplies will become priceless and you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of them!

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duct tape

Duct Tape

For many, duct tape is their best friend. Think about it: It’s ideal for quickly fixing something, household tasks, and even putting it on the bottom of your shoe for some extra durability. When you’re out in the wild and your shoe gets torn or the sole gets worn down duct tape is a quick fix until you can get yourself a new pair of shoes.

This is random, but duct tape also works great as a cup holder. Keep a roll of it in your vehicle in an accessible area so it’ll be easy to pull out in case you need an extra cup holder. It happens to be sticky enough to stay in place and when you need a roll for an extra cup holder you’ll know where to find it in your car!

Be sure to buy several rolls of duct tape – you won’t regret it!

The next item doesn’t have the all-around durability and broad utility of duct tape, but in the right situation, if you’re out of power, it’s super-handy:

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