The Deficit Is… Shrinking?

  • Current Poll Responses regarding the Deficit

A recent poll regarding the federal budget deficit by Bloomberg Politics updated the results from an almost identical poll two years ago.

The wording was slightly altered this time, but the intent of the poll remained the same: it wanted to gauge the American public’s perception of whether the deficit is getting better or worse.

The results are certainly fit for News to Share, because, the article on MSNBC by Steve Benen lends itself to the good news / bad news categories as it relates to the public’s recognition of reality on the matter.

This year’s question was:

“A quick question about the deficit – which is the difference between what the federal government spends and what it takes in in taxes and other revenue each year. Over the last six years, do you think the deficit has been getting bigger or smaller?”

The results, summarized in our graphic above, repeats the misconception that it is increasing.

As for the good news, bad news aspect…

In both polls, the majority of those polled answered incorrectly (the bad), believing that the deficit was/is increasing. It is, in fact, getting smaller.

Compared to the previous results, more people in the current poll had the correct answer that the deficit is shrinking (the good); however more people also got it wrong (the bad, again). The differences falling into the only other answer that was available.

For the record, the previous poll had the following results:

Previous Poll Responses regarding the Deficit

If talk about the deficit just glances off your shoulder, we understand, it’s easy to become confused and difficult to have the record set straight. But what follows might be an eye-opener for you.

In Benen’s article you will find it mentioned:

“President Obama has overseen the fastest deficit reduction since World War II, but the public is convinced that the deficit is growing and Obama deserves the blame.”

Let’s repeat that… the fastest deficit reduction since World War II!

Even when Clinton actually eliminated the deficit altogether, the public didn’t really recognize what was happening with the deficit, nor do the majority now.

Blame it on politics and the government in general if you must, or when you hear what is really happening, spread the word!

The MSNBC story “The public has no idea the deficit is shrinking” by Steve Benen will get you started (where facts are also mentioned regarding deportation of undocumented immigrants).

As for us, that the deficit is decreasing is good news, so it was filed as such.




News to Share Brief source: “The public has no idea the deficit is shrinking” by Steve Benen for MSNBC.
Images created for News to Share for Public Domain use from the figures provided to MSNBC via the Bloomburg poll.