Strange Taste in Water (Think “Monk” Winery Episode)

  • Carmen Yarira Noriega Esparza


File this news brief under “The Ugly” – for what happened.

Did that headline confuse you? If it did, go deeper…

A strange taste was noticed in the Mexico City water, and if you saw a particular “Monk” episode a few years ago where the wine had a strange taste, and recall the reason why, then you pretty much know the rest of the story here too.

It was reported on Mad World, in Alisha Rich’s “Residents Complain Of ‘Strange Taste’ In Water, Police Discover Reason Why” article:

For months, several residents of an apartment building in Mexico City have been complaining of their drinking water having a “strange taste.” After months of hearing the same complaint, council workers decided to investigate further and check the city’s filtration tank. To their surprise, there was a corpse floating inside the tank.

It did clear up the disappearance of actress Carmen Yarira Noriega Esparza, who went missing 11 months earlier.

Carmen Yarira Noriega Esparza

Still frame preview: Carmen Yarira Noriega Esparza (circled) – from a YouTube video at

Our condolences to the family and we understand the reactions of the Mexico City residents saying their experience was both nauseating and horrifying.

It’s an ugly brief to present, but you’ll find the full article, along with photos of the actress, at Mad World News.




News to Share brief source: the article “Residents Complain Of ‘Strange Taste’ In Water, Police Discover Reason Why” by Alisha Rich for Mad World

Image source: A still image from a YouTube video, in Spanish.