Stephen Hawkings New Villainous Role


Improbable as it may seem, Stephen Hawking’s latest statement conjures up visions of him fulfilling his ideal role, the one he told Wired during a recent interview. His latest career “goal” (not sure if he’s serious) is to play a villain in a…

James Bond film.

Imagine it. Mechanical. Highly intelligent. Capable of summoning all sorts of scientific apparatus and phenomena.

The Verge has an article on it with the subtitle:

“No, Mr. Bond, I expect your mass to be condensed into a singularity”

Huffington Post quotes him:

“My ideal role would be a baddie in a James Bond film,”… “I think the wheelchair and the computer voice would fit the part.”

It wouldn’t be Hawkings first movie role…

But at age 72, and fighting ALS for so many years may preclude Hawkings from winning that role of villain in the next James Bond film where filming is already scheduled to start soon.

Still, he does have that dramatic ability necessary to carry it off. There’s that computerized voice and all of those accessories he has at his command.

No doubt it would entertaining!

And apparently, someone in Alabama has an idea for a more menancing mode of transportation too…

stephen hawking photo: Stephen Hawking - Alabama wheelchair

Whether Hawking becomes a Bond villain or not, he has already left a galaxy-sized mark on popular culture, with appearances on “The Simpsons,” “Star Trek” and “The Big Bang Theory,” among others. He recorded a segment for the summer’s “Monty Python Live (Mostly)” shows in London, where he performed on “The Galaxy Song,” and he speaks on a the 1994 Pink Floyd song, “Keep Talking.”



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