RIP Internet Explorer?

  • RIP Internet Explorer?


Do we owe Microsoft’s Internet Explorer a grand sendoff? Whether it’s dead, dying, or to be sent out to pasture, we have been told its days are numbered.

RIP Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer Installation is Complete — Image [PD] CC0 Public Domain

Internet Explorer (IE) was set to turn 20 in 2015. And in a way it still will. However, Microsoft has announced a new browser, code named “Spartan” – it will not be any type or any version of “Internet Explorer”.

Chrome and Firefox are apparently the preferred browsers of choice now. Once Spartan is finalized and released, will it gain back some traction that Microsoft lost in the browser wars?

UPROXX reports:

In theory, IE is still the most popular browser on the Internet, but in reality, a lot of its market share is thanks to older versions of the software people either can’t, or won’t, upgrade from, and it being a pack-in with Windows. Internet Explorer is so widely hated and hard to support some companies are just buying their users new computers rather than deal with older editions of the software.

If Microsoft doesn’t act fast, they’ll be left in the dust for good. So, they’re making a new browser, named Spartan, and leaving IE to die.

Stayed tuned for the events coming in 2015. Microsoft will be making further announcements regarding Spartan and the demise of IE.




News to Share Brief source: “Microsoft Has Decided To Finally Get Rid Of Internet Explorer” by Dan Seitz for UPROXX

Image license CC0 Public Domain via Pixaby by PublicDomainPictures

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