Pay It Forward Page Reward


When you find a balloon fallen from the sky with a personal and touching message, what do you do? For Lisa Swisley, the answer was simple.

Although Swisley herself hadn’t found the balloon, it ended up in her hands immediately. And from there, it was just a question of taking action after the balloon’s 436 mile trip.

It was 16-year-old Ashlynn Marracino’s balloon, with a message to her deceased father. She had wrote on it and launched it skyward on his birthday.

Swisley’s became teary-eyed after reading the message, which in part said:

“You have missed so much and I miss you…” “And I love you, miss you like crazzy!”

Ashlynn continued the letter by filling her dad in on what she has been up to, then pleads with him to send her some sort of sign.

The action Swisley took involved a Facebook “pay-it-forward” page was “that sign”… And from there, the rewards flowed forward to Ashlynn.

Find out what happens by clicking on through to our news brief source article by Nicole Pelletiere and by checking the video provided!

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News to Share brief source: “Girl’s Balloon Letter to Deceased Dad Gets Reply 436 Miles Away” by Nicole Pelletiere on ABC News via GMA