Move Over Amazon

There is a new shopping site about to launch. Employees that have been lined up don’t know exactly how it will work. They’re trusting in the hype and in a fellow by name of Marc Lore, who sold to Amazon via the sale of it’s parent company Quidsi.

The sale price was $550 million. The new shopping site, which will go under the name of Jet, has already raised $80 million in investments.

The author of our source article, Jason Del Rey had a recent one-on-one with Lore.

His takeaway…?

…this is potentially the most ambitious e-commerce launch of the last decade. Crazy? Maybe. Sure to draw Jeff Bezos’s ire? Quite possibly. But super ambitious.

So what will Jet be? Think Costco, only online.

Beyond that, you’ll need to read the Del Ray’s Re/code article where the 5 business strategies necessary to carry this off are reviewed.

Challenges are plentiful, and some say Lore’s ego “is clouding his judgment“; however, an entrepreneur has to do what an entrepreneur has to do, so move over Amazon.




News to Share brief source: “Five Ways the Guy Behind Plans to Challenge Amazon — Again” by Jason Del Rey for Re/code
Image (license CC0 Public Domain) by geralt via Pixabay

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