Moose Rescued Amid Avalanche

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It must be that time of year. Some individual stories come to light every once in a while that don’t reflect the bad side of humanity.

In this one, three snowmachiners in Alaska rescue a young moose amid an avalanche. They had traversed a dangerous area earlier and in coming back to it, noticed a fresh avalanche had struck where they saw on their first trip, ski tracks and moose tracks.

Concerned that a skier may have caused it and got swept up in it, they started to look around.

Noticing something brown… and moving… one of the snowmachiners, Marty Mobley, was quoted:

“It looked like a guy’s arm at first because we were expecting to see a skier,” Mobley said. “But it was moaning and groaning and moving and we realized it was a moose, even though only his ears and some of its snout was sticking out of the snow.”

…just enough of the snout was above the snow to allow the moaning and groaning moose to breathe.

And, Mobey, being an animal lover, along with the others, dug away with shovels for 10 minutes, even touching the then docile moose before it was freed, running down the mountain uninjured.

The final comment about their adventure was:

“Besides, we deal with a lot of avalanches and a lot of snow. That kind of karma is something we don’t pass up.”




News to Share Brief source: “Snowmachiner says he and buddies dug moose out of avalanche in Hatcher Pass” by Sean Doogan for Alaska Dispatch News

Image shared from a WoodTV Tweet