Honey, “brew” me up a Dr Pepper!

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(…after you brew your Coca Cola that is.)

Keurig is at it again. No doubt remains that this American manufacturer of single-serving coffee brewers, with its main product, the K-Cup, is fast becoming a household name. What helped, was sealing deals with the likes of Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. More power to them.

And as we well know, coffee is mostly enjoyed hot. Yet, continuing along with their idea of offering “Keurig Cold“, they have announced a deal with Dr. Pepper Snapple to sell versions of its products.

Home-made Dr. Pepper… (we speculate that it will not come in bottles or cans…)

The “Keurig is using its successful coffee playbook to bring you homemade Dr. Pepper” article by Max Nisen in Quartz stated:

This follows a similar deal with Coca Cola (which also bought a chunk of the company). Keurig now has two of the biggest brands in the world on board, which are presumably willing to back up the September launch of the new machine with their substantial marketing and sales power. Both hope countertop machines will drive sales in a difficult market for soda.

No mention of the pricing was made, but it’s a clever move by Keurig!

You can read more at the original Quartz article.




News to Share Brief source: “Keurig is using its successful coffee playbook to bring you homemade Dr. Pepper” by Max Nisen for Quartz

Image (license CC BY 2.0) by Mike Mozart on Pixabay

About the Dr. Pepper image:
Dr. Pepper Throwback Glass Bottles with Sugar, 8/2014 by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube.