Ghost Spotted on the Ocean

  • Juliet Marine's Ghost Boat


A 38-foot gray Ghost was seen to travel above the ocean’s surface with the aid of gas bubble supercavitation. And it’s getting some much needed attention, although perhaps not by the intended audience, the U. S. Department of Defense.


This “ghost boat”, as developer Gregory Sancoff of Juliet Marine, calls it, is his implausible idea of building a weapons platform. With $15 million invested in the project, the 18-person startup has made the basic idea a reality…

Caroline Winter reports the complete story for Businessweek in the article “This Stealth Attack Boat May Be Too Innovative for the Pentagon” where photos and a video of the Ghost can be viewed.

So what is the response and what is everyone saying about it…?

Before you check out the video and view the photo that shows how this Ghost looks more like a stealthy fighter or bomber that something intended for the water, get this…

“With its patents now available to the public, Juliet Marine’s staff worries other countries and companies will steal its technology. ‘The Chinese are probably already starting to knock this off,’ says Sancoff, adding that hackers attempt to break into his company’s computer systems hundreds of times each month. One day in 2009, he arrived at Building 129 to find the locks broken.”

So yes, there may have already been some unwanted attention given to Juliet Marine’s success – with that said…
all of the response, the video, some photos, and some surprising statements can be found when you click through for Caroline Winter’s article!


source: Businessweek’s “This Stealth Attack Boat May Be Too Innovative for the Pentagon” article By Caroline Winter
original drawing courtesy of Juliet Marine via Businessweek