Genetically Manipulated Mosquitoes Sneaky Release

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Come January or February, the release of genetically manipulated / modified (GM or GMO) mosquitoes could happen in the Florida Keys. They have already been released in Brazil and if Oxitec, the British company who created the mosquitoes, has its way, they will be released worldwide.

“So far, there are no reported cases of dengue fever in Florida this year, so why do they need GM mosquitoes meant to prevent the spread of such diseases? When they were used in Brazil, they increased dengue fever while upsetting the ecological balance of the area. They did not ‘pave the way for dengue fever protection’ as Oxitec propagandized. A state of emergency actually had to be declared in the town where the GM mosquitoes were released.

Why on earth would Floridians want to be subject to the same possibility?”

They have already been shipped…


That’s correct, the GMO’s have already been shipped. Plus, Brasil wasn’t the only other release. Oxitec, in it’s quest to control Nature’s balance with GM mosquitoes, previously did a release in Malaysia with no success and in the Cayman Islands too, “secretly”.


None of this helps the company’s credibility, nor does their “scientific papers” sneakily being published online without the scientific community or the public involvement.

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It’s all in the full article on Conscious Life News, by Christina Sarich, titled “Unapproved GM Mosquitoes Being Shipped to US for Release NOW




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