“From Santa” a Favorable White Lie?

  • In Santa's Workshop

Pulling an article from The Week by Michael Brendan Dougherty, brings us a brief to share as we approach the 12 Days of Christmas here in the U.S.

For those who celebrate Christmas, and in particular, for those who have young children, there will be gifts placed under the Christmas Tree, if not on Christmas Eve, definitely before anyone rises too early,”From Santa”.

Dougherty’s article “In defense of Santa Claus” brings up a point immediately:

“Parents should always tell the truth. But a little make-believe never hurt anyone.”

He reveals a few personal stories and writes about the various influences in today’s world that shapes or misshapes Christmas.

The conclusion (and this is not meant to be a spoiler) is:

“But don’t be bullied into pulling Santa out of Christmas.”

Realize that this is a statement from a person, who as a child, really didn’t quite believe in Santa Claus. He even “accepted” those presents “From: Santa” simply as an “acknowledgement” of his parents efforts for the holiday.

Christmas gifts

Yet as an adult, he apparently sees value in the belief of Santa…

The article sweeps wide, covering most of the bases, from belief, pretend, science, religion, materialism, lying, and the harm or good that can come from it all. If you have a minute, read it.

It seems the best takeaway from the article may be:

“You’re not a bad parent if you tell your 3-year-old there is no Santa Claus. I don’t care if you make Santa a more explicit game of pretend. Your children may find ways of believing in Santa despite your best efforts…”


News to Share Brief source: The Week’sIn defense of Santa Claus” by Michael Brendan Dougherty
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