FOUND: The Gun that Won the West

  • Winchester Model 1873 repeating rifle

WTVR believes this rifle could tell a story or two… they reported on this November 2014 find.

Propped up against a tree in the desert area of Great Basin National Park was a much weathered Winchester Model 1873 rifle.

You’ll find a gallery of photos on the WTVR page among the story that tells what the plans are for this rare find. Be sure to check it out! (TIP – the photos there are more interesting than the one at the top of our article…)

From Wikipedia: “the Winchester Model 1873 repeating rifle was incredibly popular and is colloquially known as “The Gun that Won the West” for its predominant role in the hands of Western settlers.”

Yep, Teddy had one too:

Teddy Roosevelt with his engraved Model 1876

News to Share brief source: “132-year-old Winchester rifle found propped against tree in Great Basin National Park” via WTVR
Winchester Rifle quote from Wikipedia

Image: Teddy Roosevelt with his engraved Model 1876 (license: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)
Image: National Park Service November 2014 photo courtesy WTVR (license: Public Domain via U.S. Gov’t – Nat’l Park Service)