Black Boxes, GPS, No Public Scrutiny

What are you driving? If it is a 2013 or newer model vehicle, then more is known about you and your passengers than you realize. BMW and Ford have made some statements confirming it.

It’s no longer just your speed, acceleration, braking, and g-forces being tracked when you drive. It is concerning to particular Civil Liberties Unions, and it should be concerning to us too.

Real-time data can be dispersed. Data can be hacked.

InfoWars lays it out for you to read in the original article:

Every BMW rolling off the assembly line, for example, collects data on location, speed, acceleration and even the weight of the passengers in the car, and the data is so comprehensive, it could tell advertisers when a car carrying a child is passing by a McDonald’s and it could also tell the government when a driver is speeding.

and more…

“We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it,” Ford’s global vice president, Jim Farley, said at a recent trade show. “We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing.”

The kicker is a note that with the equipment on-board vehicles, when you speed can be captured…

and a speeding ticket conceivably issued.

Not today, not tomorrow, but someone out there will want it to happen soon.

File this news brief under “the ugly”.




News to Share brief source: “ADVERTISERS, FEDS WANT DATA AUTOMAKERS COLLECT FROM HIGH-TECH CARS — Data reveals when a car carrying a child is passing by McDonald’s and when a driver is speeding” from InfoWars

Image (license: Public Domain via NHTSA) from InfoWars via U.S. DoT