A Pampered Way to Zip Through Snow

  • 2015 Snow Crawler

Even if you’re active outdoors in the winter and absolutely love the snow, there may be some occasions when a bit of protection from the cold and wind-blown snow would be of benefit.

Up steps designer Michael Bonikowski, with the “Snow Crawler“…

Very much like a snowmobile, it’s still in concept phase and carries just one person, but look at this thing (see the slide show below). It’ll be interesting to see if remains powered by an electric motor.

Andrew Newton’s comment in his short article may just be an understatement plenty of us can live with:

This enclosed machine provides protection from the elements with the added benefit of allowing for pretty fantastic-looking bodywork. The closed versions of cars are usually more elegant than the open ones. It looks like the same is true for snowmobiles.

We have the complete set of the “2015 Snow Crawler Concept by Michael Bonikowski Car Images” courtesy BoldRide to show you!

(NOTE – if the slide show does not display, GO HERE to see it open in a new window.)


News to Share brief source: “Snow Crawler Concept Could Be the Ultimate Winter Ride” by Andrew Newton for BoldRide