HealthCare gov is Sharing Our Personal Data

This was just released: “Government Health Care Website Quietly Sharing Personal Data“. Concerns are not limited to this being a violation of privacy for millions of us, but also that it may compromise personal security.

The AP released the information and ABC News is reporting on it.

Their article begins:

The government’s health insurance website is quietly sending consumers’ personal data to private companies that specialize in advertising and analyzing Internet data for performance and marketing, The Associated Press has learned.

The scope of what is disclosed or how it might be used was not immediately clear, but it can include age, income, ZIP code, whether a person smokes, and if a person is pregnant. It can include a computer’s Internet address, which can identify a person’s name or address when combined with other information collected by sophisticated online marketing or advertising firms.

Even by that quick read, you should get an equally quick impression of the concerns this causes.

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News to Share brief source: “Government Health Care Website Quietly Sharing Personal Data” on ABC News via the Associated Press

Image (license CC0 Public Domain) by geralt via Pixabay