Facebook Has Changed You

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Facebook was born just 10 years ago. Since then, there has been plenty of controversy about using Facebook. Still we use it, for many reasons.

Here is a list of 10 discoveries that research into it found Facebook has influenced our life socially.

It’s not all for the better either, as our sourced article from the DailyGood details.

  1. Facebook might increase dissatisfaction with your life.
  2. But being more giving on Facebook can help. However, one study concluded that depending on your activity, “less loneliness” or “more loneliness” could result.
  3. Your profile can betray social anxiety.
  4. It can also make you look narcissistic. The finding of narcissism from another study isn’t… well… it isn’t pretty.
  5. You are your profile.
  6. Don’t like the “likes” too much. If you are disappointed over the “likes” and “comments” received, a lower level of self-esteem or “belongingness” can result.
  7. Too much negativity can hurt your social standing.
  8. Comparisons with friends hurt happiness. “Spending time on Facebook can be associated with thinking that other people are living happier and better lives you”… with resulting personal consequences.
  9. Facebook influences your behavior through your friends.
  10. People who quit Facebook struggle with addiction and privacy. A research paper said people “commit virtual identity suicide” when quitting Facebook. Privacy concerns aside (although 48% expressed the concern), “quitters revealed that they felt more addicted to the internet…”.

That’s the short of it. Your curiosity should prompt you to read a bit deeper regarding a couple of these, and the DailyGood, in Katherine Thorson’s article, explains in greater detail what is behind each of these ten.

What do you personally think? Has Facebook changed you or any aspect of your social life?


(NOTE: regarding #9 — you and a friend may have been the subject of a Facebook experiment and neither you nor the friend involved knew it…)



News to Share Brief source: “Social Science’s 10 Findings on Facebook” by for DailyGood

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