Climate Change vs Autism

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It’s “official”… we can link autism to global warming and climate change.

More simply stated, we can link autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to man-made pollution.


A study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh made their findings between man-made toxic pollutants in the air, a symptom of global warming and climate change, and autism.

“According to a press release from the Heinz Endowments, it appears that the mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder were exposed to a number of man-made chemicals and toxins that are the direct result of man-made climate change and global warming events while pregnant, and this may be responsible for their children developing an ASD. These toxins in the atmosphere are man-made hydrocarbons, and are directly linked to global warming, climate change and now it would appear, ASD.”


With 217 children as the study participants, most of which had been closely monitored since birth, it was established that a 1.4 to two-fold increased risk factor for ASD existed. Unique to the study was the inclusion of previously left out “environmental exposures” of the pregnant mothers. As a result, car emissions and industrial pollution will forever be linked to ASD.

“The mothers and the children were tested for exposure to chromium, cyanide, styrene, methylene chloride, arsenic and methanol. All these chemicals are produced by heavy industry and car emissions, and are not found in large enough quantities in nature to have any effect on the pregnant mother.”

Jim Donahue goes on to include more study details in his Guardian Liberty Voice article “Autism Linked to Man-Made Climate Change” with information provided from the CDC, Heinz Endowments, and lead study author Dr. Evelyn Talbot.

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Autism Linked to Man-Made Climate Change” by Jim Donahue for Guardian Liberty Voice

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