A Parenting Confrontation on the Playground

  • Judging Other Parents Is Absurd


Wow, that video ending should have been expected, but it caught me totally off guard. Point made!

Parents will be parents. We all have our own parenting style. Each of us has our own reasons we parent the way we do, so when we’re criticized, things happen…

Our source at the Huffington Post (disclaimer: no actual affiliation exists) reports on the video:

But, as this parody video from formula brand Similac shows, “when it comes down to it, we’re all on the same side.”

where the press release states the purpose behind it is:

“to encourage parents to come together and focus on shared goals, not differences.”

View it and decide if you agree.




News to Share brief source: “A Playful Reminder That Judging Other Parents Is Absurd” by Caroline Bologna for Huff Post Parents

Image: still image from Similac’s YouTubeThe Mother ‘Hood Official Video

Video Description:
There’s something going down on the playground. Don’t they know that everyone has their own way of parenting? But when it comes down to it, we’re all on the same side. Help us put an end to the judgment by sharing this video with every parent you know. Join the conversation on http://www.facebook.com/Similac #SisterhoodUnite