When It’s Time to Kiss the Stranger Next to You

  • Kiss Cam Snub Payback

File this VIDEO under lighthearted…

When the Kiss Cam focuses on you it just might make your day, but for this couple… well, they missed their moment.

But because of that, it made for an even more notable time for the rest of the sport fans at a recent Knicks/Rockets game at Madison Square Garden.

The man hadn’t a clue what was going on, but the woman was eager to seize the moment. She turned to the willing man seated on other side of her and with one quick look and a split-second decision she made sure the Kiss Cam served its purpose.

Recorded by Hugo Davies, he responded to TheBlaze:

Davies told TheBlaze that it all appeared “spontaneous,” adding that the woman’s date stood up “ready to confront the stranger” after it all went down.

“His face was bright red for the rest of the game,” Davies said.

And now, thanks to the yet to be identified woman, the rest of us can give a cyber “high-five” to the stranger who rescued her from a humiliating situation.



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TheBlaze, with “Woman on Date ‘Shocked’ Audience By What She ‘Suddenly’ Did on Kiss Cam: ‘Whole Crowd Went Crazy’”
YouTube video: “Woman Kisses Man Next to Her on Kiss Cam After Date Snubs Her

YouTube Video detail:
It’s safe to say this date didn’t go well.
A quick-thinking woman who was snubbed by her date after being thrown live on a kiss camera scored instant payback by passionately kissing the man seated next to her.