Wackiest Yelp Reviews

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Get ready to read some hilarious – and ridiculous – Yelp reviews that will not only make you LOL but will also provide some insight into the world we live in.

Imagine if someone from the future found an old computer hidden away, turned it on and found some old Yelp reviews. I have a feeling the person from the future would understand why their post-apocalyptic world is currently that way.

No doubt you’ll have some good laughs while reading over these outrageous reviews, but undoubtedly, if you’re into marketing, the business side of you will likely wonder what kind of impact reviews are having on businesses.

We all know that Yelp is synonymous with having a variety of reviews on many kinds of businesses. It’s where most businesses today focus their attention on when it comes to people’s opinions online. It’s crazy to think that over 89 million unique mobile visitors in the fourth quarter alone checked out Yelp.

So let’s take a look at these reviews – they are something you must see for yourself!

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The Aggressive Chef That Chases You Down the Street

aggressive chef yelp review

If having food that’s well-prepared happens to be your religion, does that mean that an angry chef who decides to chase you down the street is your version of purgatory? Either way, this reviewer obviously had a troubling experience and it’s understandable why.

We have to scratch our heads and wonder if indeed the customers were making a ruckus and if so, the chef might have had some cause for concern. However, we think he could have handled it a lot better. Chasing after someone on the street?

Come on, it’s not like they stole anything!

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