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This is a news brief of a different sort about a father and daughter. It has a number of links and a couple of videos.

The father in the brief, Garth Callaghan, has been diagnosed with cancer multiple times. His battle has motivated him to leave a legacy for his daughter, in a especially loving and inspiring way. But it goes beyond that too.

There’s a message in her lunch box every day until she graduates high school. 826 notes, hand-written on napkins. Such a personal, touching, and profound way to reach out to a daughter.

The hidden message here is for others to follow his lead and write quotes to ‘pack, write and connect‘ with their kids.

I had to share this image of some of Callaghan’s notes…

826 Napkin Notes
on August 6th, Garth Callaghan changed his Facebook profile picture to this, where it is freely shared. The image links directly to his post on the Napkin Notes page should you care to visit there and Like, Comment, or Share.

Not all of the messages are personal heart-felt messages – even Ben Franklin, Dr Seuss, and Yoda are quoted in diverse ways.


Plus, the effort behind this has gone beyond personal… there’s a book now, simply titled “Napkin Notes” with this Dedication: “To Emma, 826 napkins will never be enough

Callaghan has this video regarding it:

Plus this separate Youtube video exists, produced independently by Buzz60:

You can catch the book sample below – be sure to use the scroll bar on the right!

Napkin Notes by Garth Callaghan

As I said, this brief is of a different sort, so the format was kept separate of our usual multiple page posting too.

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News to Share Brief source: Fox News Insider “‘I’m Proud to Be Your Dad’: Cancer-Stricken Father Pens Inspiring ‘Napkin Notes’ to Daughter

Love‘ image license CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay by PhenomPixels

Youtube video: Napkin Notes by Garth Callaghan

Buzz60 Youtube video: “Dad With Cancer Pre-Writes Over 800 Napkin Notes for Daughter

Book sample shared via Scribd