Thankful for TV Dinners?

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Here’s a 5-minute video with 23 facts about Thanksgiving food thanks to video host and author John Green. Our headline is explained simply from the fact that Swanson, whose claim to fame is The Original TV Dinner, in 1953, had 260 tons of turkey leftover after Thanksgiving. And being enterprising, they took some peas and potatoes and packaged them into trays right along with the turkey.

Waste not, want not… it worked. The TV dinner was born. Be thankful for that.

“That’s just one of the 23 facts about Thanksgiving food in this week’s video[…] Other facts in the video, hosted by author John Green, include that the average American eats 16 pounds of turkey a year, and only male turkeys make that signature gobbling sound.”

You get to view the Youtube video on the next page…

Spoiler Alert, but only in a tiny way – no mind-boggling revelation will be seen here, they’re being saved for the video!

But I’ll tell you this… within the video John mentions one thing most of us already know, the fact that the Turkey was the bird of choice for a particular founding father to represent America, not the Bald Eagle.

Also revealed is that the “average” American eats ____ pounds of turkey every year. It’s a larger number than expected, but I suppose, given subs and restaurant meals, that it’s reasonable.

The 4th fact was quite surprising, relating to one very specific way a large number of turkeys die (and it’s a way a large number of humans also die!).

So get ready to learn about Jakes, Toms, Jennys and more.

Go watch the video! I’m off to grab a piece of the most popular pie in America…

Tomorrow… plan to burn off all those excess calories mentioned in fact #23!



News to Share Brief source: The Week speed read titled “TV dinners were invented thanks to Thanksgiving leftovers, and 22 other delicious Thanksgiving food facts
image source: itTHING “The History of the TV Dinner

Youtube video courtesy the List Show