Sometimes Your the Hydrant

  • "Knowledge is Power"

Sometimes Your the Dog, Sometimes Your the Hydrant (a self-fulfilling prophecy).

Have fun with this one readers… while you do, be sure to make note of the school’s motto too:

Knowledge is Power“.

At least it was posted at the junior high school, so there’s four more years to get a slightly better grasp of basic English grammar. Granted. it’s a common mistake, seeing it done where it was done, is what makes it news to share!

For all we know, no student may have even been involved.

(I know, I know… all of this criticism coming from someone who (whom?) to this day, makes grammatical errors in every post! All the more reason to stress why we say our briefs are from a non-reporter and non-journalist point-of-view!)




Image (license CC BY-SA 2.0) by Steve Dinn via Flickr