Seattle Seahawks, Blue Friday and a Cheese Ban


Yes, today is “Blue Friday” in the city of Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, where government employees were allowed to wear the Seahawks team colors, and jerseys.

But the bigger news is that cheese was banned. The reason being, the Green Bay Packers fans are called “cheeseheads”, and come Sunday the Seattle Seahawks play against the Green Bay Packers in a NFL playoff game.

We don’t need to tell you which team the Bainbridge Island City Manager wants to win, since he is responsible for the ban. Schulze…

banned the possession and consumption of cheese inside City Hall in executive order 121212, named after the Seahawks’ passionate “12th man” fan base.

In his order, Schulze also slammed Packers fans for wearing “obnoxious wedge-shaped foam hats painted yellow.”

The executive order read:

“Due to the relationship between the Green Bay Packers, their fans, and cheese, the possession of and/or consumption of cheese or cheese flavored products shall be banned in Bainbridge Island City Hall on Friday, January 16, 2015,”

But come midnight PST today, the ban is lifted. It was done in fun with “No fines or cheese-related strip searches” performed.

We thank Reuters writer Eric M. Johnson for his article today.




News to Share source: “Seattle Seahawks-loving city manager bans cheese ahead of Green Bay Packers game” by Eric M. Johnson for Reuters

Image (license CC BY-SA 2.0) by via Flickr