Improbable Predictions On The Simpsons that Came True

Lady Gaga’s Superbowl 51 Performance

Regular watchers of The Simpsons who later tuned in to Superbowl 51 might have felt a sense of powerful deja-vu!

Back in 2012 in an episode called “Lisa Goes Gaga,” the cartoon version of the sensational pop singer descended above the crowd in a performance for the residents of Springfield, but 5 years later life imitated art.

Actually, in 2017, art imitated other art when the real Lady Gaga soared above the crowd, suspended from the roof of the NRG Stadium in Houston for her Superbowl LI halftime performance!

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The Three-Eyed Fish

Having appeared in The Simpsons episodes since the early ’90s, Blinky the three-eyed fish was caught by Bart Simpson in a gross river in a 1990 episode. The river happened to be near the Springfield nuclear power plant where Homer worked. What’s hilarious is that later Bart tried to serve up the three-eyed fish to Mr. Burns.

Twenty-one years later, in 2011, a fisherman in Cordoba, Argentina caught a three-eyed wolf fish. He caught it in a reservoir near a local nuclear power plant. The fish didn’t look quite like the cartoon Blinky, but it still caused quite a stir.

Pretty coincidental…or is it?

Three-eyed nuclear waste-mutated fish are not the only strange predictions that came true. The Simpsons predicted lots of other weird events…

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