Jetman Yves Rossy Vs a Pro Rally Skoda

  • BBC Top Gear filming of Rocket Man Vs. Rally Car

You’ve heard of the Jetman, right? Since 2008 he has been flying the skies solo using a jet-propelled wing, making videos of plenty of his adventures. News to Share is pleased to present two of them for you.

The first one, introduced by the title of today’s article, is a personal favorite. I used to drive in SCCA Rallies and attended a few of the Pro-rally events after some SCCA Rally friends had upped their game and went national and international.

Insane… even more insane than Yves Rossy, who pushes the boundaries of personal flight…

Fortunately, Rossy, at age 55 is an experienced jet pilot, and has had only a single failed flight during his demonstrations of the rocket-powered wing his body is attached to.

A big thumbs up to the Jetman, or if you prefer, The Airman, or the Rocketman, or Fusionman!

Rocket Man Vs. Rally Car – Top Gear – BBC

The latest video, just released on December 10, 2014, follows next…

As you just found out, Rossy has appeared on the BBC’s Top Gear, racing Richard Hammond and Toni Gardemeister in the first video. He has also been featured on an episode of Stan Lee’s Superhumans.

And that failed flight…? Well, in November 2009, trying to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, in an attempt to be the first person to fly between two continents using a jetpack but facing strong winds and cloud banks, Rossy was forced to safely ditch into the sea just 3 miles before completing the flight.

Now, with an improved jetpack, Jetman is still pushing the boundaries of aviation. The next video shows a sensational formation flight with Aerobatics Champion Veres Zoltán in Dubai.

It’s not insane… it’s awesome…!

Jetman Aerobatic Formation Flight in Dubai

Naturally, the videos don’t stop with just these two. You’ll find others in the sidebar on Youtube.



Youtube video links:

Rocket Man Vs. Rally Car – Top Gear – BBC

Jetman Aerobatic Formation Flight in Dubai