His Motor Never Stops

  • Obsession with Car Lots Brings Unexpected Gift


What Matt Luken of Apple Ford Lincoln in Apple Valley, Minnesota says of this special needs teen is “His motor never stops”. And that teen, at age 17, is a living fixture at the dealership now all because a salesman there (Matt Luken) welcomed him in a way no other car place had.

To the teen, who has an obsession with car lots, that welcome was a life changer.

The original report was “Teen’s obsession with car lots brings unexpected gift” where it was told:

“It’s a particularly cruel diagnosis for a boy obsessed with cars.

The “moderate mental retardation” doctors pinned on Jake Nelson at the age of three meant no reading or writing in his future – nor ever having the opportunity to drive the cars he thinks about day and night.

Jake has always been obsessed with cars.”


Jake (the teen) absolutely enjoyed car lots, so his parents took him to them so he could revel in seeing the shiny paint and chrome features.

Car brand did not matter, so they visited all of them across the years, but when at the Ford dealership, “everything changed” for Jake after a little car dealer kindness.

“Matt Luken didn’t just talk to Jake, he showed him around and introduced him to the rest of the sales staff.”

In addition to a KARE11 video, there is more to the story at the original KARE11 article including more photos!




source: KARE11 “Teen’s obsession with car lots brings unexpected gift”