Candy: Not Just For Kids Anymore


Remove all of the full bins of colorful candy, ready to be scooped into bags for eagerly waiting children and replace them with displays including “refined packaging and elegant decor,” and what is the result?

An upscale confectioner’s offering to adults wanting to indulge the sweet tooth, willing to pay a little extra for the best candy around.

The AraMax article, “Candy stores are competing for the grown-up sweet tooth” explains:

These new entries are aiming for a different crowd with more mature tastes in sugar and fat.

The candy industry has grown stale and needs a reinvention, some food experts say. Increasingly discerning palates and a growing interest in gourmet foods have led to demand for specialty candy stores.

and continues…

In the sprawling store, the chocolate library is filled with books as well as chocolates. An international room offers up licorice wheels from Great Britain and chocolate strawberries from Austria.

As always, this is just the brief… we have left out plenty of tantalizing details about who is doing this, where to find them, and what is offered. ArcaMax will dip into and uncover the treats for you.




News to Share brief source: “Candy stores are competing for the grown-up sweet tooth” by Shan Li for ArcaMax

Image (license CC0 Public Domain) by condesign via Pixabay