A Shameless Hummingbird

  • Hummingbird at Feeder


Retired ornithologist Joao Silvestrini calls the hummingbird that comes through his kitchen window for a drink of sugar water throughout the day, “shameless“.


It’s an unusual friendship between man and bird that is unlikely to last, but for now, Joao waits for the encounter daily starting at 5:30 a.m.

“Every day, 83-year-old Joao Silvestrini has the most unusual visitor – a hummingbird! It flies in and out of the kitchen window of his Brazil home several times a day, stopping for a chirpy chat and a drink of sugar water.

The story of the unusual friendship between man and bird has become popular on Facebook, after Joao filmed the bird and posted the video online, last month. The footage shows the tiny bird flying around Joao’s head and waiting patiently until he offers it the daily dose of sugar sweetened water.”



This is somewhat a rare thing, as many individuals who feed birds can tell you. There are stories of having them feed from the hand, but this is the first one I’ve heard where a bird will actually come through an open window and buzz around so close just to gain some nourishment!

Well done Joao Silvestrini… perhaps it’s your experience as an ornithologist that helps it happen.

It’s great that he has shared the video, which can be viewed on Oddity Central, along with the full story.

Hummingbird with 83 Yr Old



source: “Every Day This Nice Old Man Is Visited by a Wild Hummingbird” article by Sumitra on Oddity Central

Hummingbird at feeder photo by werner22brigitte via Pixabay — License: CC0 Public Domain