A Golden Age of Cartoons

According to Brainz, the 90’s were a golden age of cartoons. That’s distinguishable¬†from declaring the 90’s as THE golden age of cartoons.

And what Brainz did was to decide on the 20 best of the 90’s with the stipulation that the cartoon had to begin in the 90’s, with a single notable exception for a long-running cartoon that began in 1989.

We’ll accept that, since it is certainly an iconic one that was put up as #1!

So, which cartoons did Brainz include in their 20 best…?


In reviewing the list (and enjoying it), there was a noticeable and apparent generation gap, but that can happen once the kids are old enough to no longer sit down to watch cartoons, while still not being old enough to cause the grandparent syndrome to be inflicted yet.

We’ll accept all of that too.

Now, since we don’t want to have a spoiler alert posted here, we’re not going to actually list the 20. You’d miss all of the cartoon images that make them so recognizable if we did that.

However,we will tell you that in the list at #20 is Darkwing Duck, followed by Doug at #19, and Talespin at #18.

Past that, we recommend reading the entire original sourced article “The 20 Best Cartoons of the 90’s” on Brainz to find out how Tiny Toon Adventures, King of the Hill, Beavis and Butt-head, and 14 others, including The Simpsons ranked.

Doing so is apt to bring back some memories for you!



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(drawing and video adaption curated from images on Brainz at the same source article)