No More Saturday Morning Cartoons

Wow, another iconic staple of TV life has disappeared. Not that I'll personally miss it you understand. It's just the idea that something that held the attention (for good or bad) of so many kids across a number of generations is gone.

It happened Saturday morning October 4, 2014 – there were no cartoon shows aired on a normal broadcast TV network.

Saturday Cartoons of the 90s

Gizmodo shares their write-up about it by saying:

“Yes, The CW, the final holdout in Saturday morning animation, ran its last batch of Vortexx cartoons last weekend. This week, where you once saw shows like Cubix, Sonic X, Dragon Ball Z and Kai, Digimon Fusion, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, you'll instead find “One Magnificent Morning,” a block of live-action educational programming.

It's the end of an era, but it's been a long time coming: NBC ditched Saturday morning cartoons in 1992, CBS followed suit not long after, and ABC lost its animated weekend mornings in 2004. The CW, a lower-tier broadcast network, was the last holdout in a game that the Big 3 left long ago.

What killed Saturday morning cartoons?”

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