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Fairchild Channel F console video game syatem

Image (license CC BY-SA 3.0) by Jesmar via Wikimedia Commons

40 years ago a new industry began thanks to two men that established the entire business model of home video games. An entire generation has been influenced by the technological breakthrough that was made by a forgotten company from the 1970s.

To be clear about that, we're referring to the “Channel F console” by Fairfield.

Never heard of them or perhaps they escaped your memory?

Well, there is an entire read laid out for you on Fast Comany, ladden with 18 images in the article “The Untold Story of Invention of the Game Cartridge“.

It's where we sourced the following YouTube video, a JC Penney commercial for the Fairchild Channel F 2nd generation video game system.




News to Share brief source: “THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE INVENTION OF THE GAME CARTRIDGE” by Benj Edwards for Fast Company

Required Image Attribution: By Jesmar (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons —

YouTube video source: “commercial for Fairchild Channel F video game system at JC Penney” uploaded by eyeh8nbc
Video Description:
Fairchild was the first video game system to have interchangable cartridges, predating the Atari by about a year. This commercial is for one of the later models, as it wasn't called “Channel F” at first.




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